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This is where fairytales come to life! Start believing in your childhood stories, because they are real! Meet all kinds of magical creatures in a world that you've wished so hard to exist. And it gets better. Even you could be part of my neo-romantic world! Just follow the path that leads to fantasy and imagination and I will meet you there...

Gala Nocturna - la Belle et la Bête

March 8, 2014: 8th edition of Gala Nocturna Next year's theme is "La Belle et La Bête", inspired by a classic fairytale from Jeanne Marie Leprince de Beaumont. DON'T MISS THIS WORLD-FAMOUS DARK ROMANTIC COSTUME BALL! Wonderful acts, heavenly music, special drinks and hundreds of magnificently dressed visitors from all over Europe. Info & tickets: www.gala-nocturna.com

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la Belle et la Bête
ievannah Lightingale

A long time ago a young priestess fell victim to dark promises of immortality. She knew that it came with a price, but with centuries passed she now wonders if it was all really worth it ...

Noble Blood Vampire Chronicles

A luxurious photography art book with pictures and stories about the elegant but dangerous "noble blood vampires" of Schloss Heinrichshorst.

  • hardcover
  • 184 glossy pages
  • 16 vampire models + 10 victims
  • Book size: 24 x 36 cm

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