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Theme photoshoot for Gala Nocturna 2015, the Swan Princess.
The change always comes from within...

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Gala Nocturna 2015 - the Swan Princess

9th edition of Gala Nocturna - March 7, 2015
Tickets: www.gala-nocturna.com/tickets


A friend om mine gave me the opportunity to shoot some of his original movie costumes, that he specially brought from the USA to our place in Germany!
Here is one of my favourite costumes from "Underworld, Rise of the Lycans", modeled by Jolien Rosanne.

Viona Art for Qntal

Very happy to have had the opportunity to make the new band photos for one of my favourite music bands: Qntal!
You can see the photos in the booklet of their latest album, Qntal VII.
Check out their website and music here: www.qntal.de
Also watch the video clip of their latest song, Tenacious Love, shot during Danse Macabre at Schloss Heinrichshorst: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGL79l51gDs


Proudly presenting Margot as she is tasting and discovering the life of a new born Noble Blood Vampire.

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